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About Katarina Zacharova

I was born in Slovakia, Europe. I completed my University education in Bratislava, Slovakia. I graduated with a Masters degree in Business and marketing. During the university studies I worked part time in field of HR, marketing, event management, PR for either big corporation or small companies. I also actively participated in a non profit organisation called AIESEC.

All my life I searched for higher meaning. I felt there is something bigger within me that I cant access, yet. There is a reason I was born. I felt I had a mission, but I did not see it. I had no goal in my life I just tried to do the best I could at every job and get recognition by others.

I remember the question I was asking myself in 2007:

“Is this all, I can get from life?”

I thought my life will start after I finish university, that some magic will happen I will feel alive … but nothing happened. Even thought I had all the potential, opportunities, good money, great place and friend, I felt emptiness inside. I had no fulfilment. I was a prisoner of the idea how I should be or what others think who I am.

I dreamed of freedom to express what is within me.

I made a choice. It was not enough for me to live life which is only OK. I decided to fulfil one of my dreams, that was living and working abroad. In 2008 I found a job at MindValley, that was an online publishing house for personal development programs of top authors in US at that time. The company was based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I came to Malaysia with unclear idea of my life, I was searching change. I just wanted to feel alive and I stayed for 6 years.

After 1,5 years I left the company and I followed my own inspiration, creating RealWoman organisation. It was the first time I really felt, I am alive, I am at the right place and this is my chance to express WHO I really AM. I stepped forward on the path, I took the chance and created RealWoman. And everything in my life has changed :). Six years passed since then I have walked very fulfilling, adventurous, also challenging and enriching path. Love being present and doing what makes sense to me and can help others. 

Since 2012 I am in Slovakia to build RealWoman locally and prepare for global expansion.

I wrote my first book in 2011 with the title How to get from life what you want. This book is a story of my own awakening and transformation. I shared 30 inspirational thoughts which changed my perspective on life events and myself. This book is available in english.

I write my second book this summer with title Be Real – Live life to the fullest which is directly connected to my 6/week transformational program for women. I run several programs for women of all ages, backgrounds, careers who made choice or seek their inner change. This program will be soon available in english, too.

I run transformational retreats in different countries like India, Bali etc. I coach people and create tailed programs for teams or directors in companies.

Since 2013 I am a member of the ATL EUROPE – Transformational Leadership Council in Europe.

About RealWoman

REALWOMAN is vision for every woman of being free and live her soul purpose that she can fully access her highest potential and live in harmony with others.


I am passionate about supporting women in experiencing their inner freedom. I wish to inspire women to awaken their REAL inner power, potential, feminine wisdom and values to LIBERATE themselves from the idea not being worthy or loved, from the idea who they should be, or how they suppose to act and instead to empower women to express, believe and live who they REALly are on the soul level. I wish to inspire them to think, feel, talk and act in more positive and uplifting way in integrity with WHO they are and what they believe in to have really great life, and positive impact on people and environment around them.

And I wish that our female transformation will inspire men to do the same and create more balanced partnership, communication and life together heart :).

The key pillars of RealWoman are:

  • The vision which every woman can own and live up to in her authentic way.
  • The power of inspired community of women and their men who share, communicate, collaborate, accept and inspire each other.
  • The life-long sources of wisdom, personal growth and education to understand better who you are and how you can create your life with purpose.   

My vision is to build worldwide organisation which will serve with it purpose to women and men all around the world to live more fulfilling, peaceful, loving and free lives. 

The Real Heart Leaders

This world needs now REAL LEADERS with open hearts who express who they are – their soul purpose in their own life, family, work and community. We don’t need leaders who only talk or dream anymore but we need people who live their dreams, walk the talk and inspire others with their own example and responsibility to create positive change. I believe we can create collective change though the transformation of individual beings and women are very important change agents in this process. Everyone is a leader, because everyone has an impact on someone or something, we all are connected.

Sign up to stay in touch with me and receive a free sample of my book

Sign up to stay in touch with me and receive a free sample of my book

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